Guesthouse Fujitatami is using Japanese traditional house. It was built about 60 years ago! There is next to tatami workshop. So we have the class of making mini tatami mats. You can bring it your home. 

Please book your room from here.
And the guesthouse sells some souvenirs for your Japan trip.

In addition to, you can go to Mt. Koya about 1hour driving by car. Maybe here is the closest guesthouse to Mt. Koya in Osaka. But if you don't have a car, no problem!

We have Mt. Koya staying plan!

So you should ask us if you are interested in going to Mt. Koya.


Hi, there! I'm Issei Fujiwara. I'm an owner of Guesthouse Fujitatami.

I'm the third-generation in my family carrying the tatami making tradition forward at our workshop.I like Japan and Japanese cultures!

And I'm also working as Tatami artist. I made "Tatami Art​" that I call tatami painting. You can see my drawing on the gallery. I'm gonna sell my products.

I like to play the guitar, to ride Motorcycles and to meet new friends! 

I would like to talk about them with you:)

Enjoy Japan!!