​This is a brand-new style art, "TartAMI"!


Tatami mats are usually used as floor mats. But we begun to use tatami mats that is used and became like a vintage as a canvas. We believe these art is definitely ECO-friendly in keeping with SDG’s. This is truly Japanese traditional art.

From ancient times in Japan, it is popularly believed that old objects that are used by people long time become gods. (付喪神: Tsukumo-gami)

So maybe the art that old tatami mat is used has a spirit and become the god.

Oiwa-san "Hyakumonogatari" (Hokusai Katsushika) by Issay

Replica 265×180(mm) Water paint Marker 2020

SignBoard (Cafe&Bar Osaka-Joh) by Chome

90×50(mm) Acrylic paint 2017

Fujitatami Logo by Ayaka

1350×65(mm) Acrylic paint 2017

Welcome board by Kisara

1660×810(mm) Water paint 2017

A girl by Kisara

1715×845(mm) Water paint Lacquer 2019

Fujin & Raijin(Soutatsu Tawaraya) by Issay

Replica 1630×830(mm) Water paint 2019

Sansei Otani Oniji no Edobei (Sharaku Toushusai) by Issay

Replica 1900×955(mm) Water paint Marker 2020

Ryu by Issay

265×180(mm) Water paint 2020

You can buy these arts and canvases if you wanna try "TartAMI".